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The purpose of this website is to provide Kentucky State University (KSU) teacher education candidates with information to help them prepare for the PRAXIS-II exams.  This site contains important:  Educational Testing Service (ETS) PRAXIS exam dates, test locations, PRAXIS Practice exam questions, and links to PRAXIS related terms, concepts, and theories.  KSU students must take the PRAXIS-II before they are permitted to enroll for Student Teaching.   Please understand, if you make use of this website on a daily basis, within a few short weeks, you will greatly enhance your opportunity to pass the PRAXIS-II Exam on the very first attempt! 


Many of you have already taken your foundation and/or content, method or pedagogy courses; and this website is designed to help you prepare for the Praxis-II Exam.   We hope you take the PRAXIS examination seriously and allow yourself ample time to study and review.  Use the following "Search the Web" link below to locate specific PRAXIS related information not found on this review site, or simply click on the existing PRAXIS information links provided below for immediate assistance.  We wish you all Good Luck!





  • ETS Praxis Website
    Educational Testing Services (ETS) is the nation’s largest educational testing organization.  ETS developed the PRAXIS series to help teacher preparation programs assess basic academic skills to assist colleges and universities in evaluating qualified candidates for entry into teacher education programs and teaching careers.
  • ETS PRAXIS Registration Info
    This site is designed to provide information about PRAXIS registration, test dates & times.


Commonwealth of Kentucky PRAXIS Requirements

Please take advantage of the ETS PRAXIS-II Practice exams called, Test at a Glance (TAG), listed under the heading, "Test Requirement" for PRAXIS-II below the "Section/Test Code." 

Simply click on the number, (
e.g., 0014) of any of  the TAGs listed.  If you are pursuing Elementary certification, select one of the exams below.  Please note: while everyone must take the Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) exams, they will not yet count toward passing PRAXIS-II.  All Elementary majors must take and pass the 0014 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge  PRAXIS-II Exam!  ***Students planning to teach Elementary Education should take the following practice exams daily!!

0014 - **   Elementary Education: Content Knowledge

0522 - **   Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) Grades K-6
- **   Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) Grades 5-9
- **   Principles of Learning & Teaching (PLT) Grades 7-12
0353 - **   Education of Exceptional Students: Content Core Knowledge
0542 - **   Education of Exceptional Students: Mild to Moderate Disabilities



  • ETS PRAXIS Practice Review Exams
    This website provides a list of all ETS PRAXIS Practice exams called, Test at a Glance (TAG).   Students serious about passing the PRAXIS-II exams should visit this site weekly and review their subject area requirements.  TAGs are included for every teaching subject area



          The best site to review educational and philosophical ideologies by  

             Bruner, Dewey, Gardner, Maslow, Piaget, Vygotsky, etc.


  • Quick Math Calculators Site
    This site is design to help students with math computations and problems.  The site includes online calculators for every math need!


  • Regents Math Sites
    This is another great math information site to enhance general math performance.



            This site provides a large array of strategies to help K-12 teachers 

             ameliorate behavioral problems in the classroom.



  • Dougherty and Skrba Teaching Method Site
    This is an excellent website provided to help students understand the various teaching methodologies designed to enhance teaching effectiveness.  The site has a list of sample questions for review. Students are encouraged to visit this website weekly.




·        Teacher Professionalism Website
This website provides important information on lesson plan and teaching strategies to help students prepare for the PRAXIS-II Exam.


·        Words That are Most often Confused

This website provide a comprehensive list of English words that are

       most often confused (e.g., accept – except,  affect – effect, farther –

       further, its – it’s,  lay – laid,  lay – lie, lose – loose, principal – principle,

       quiet – quite, site – sight, there – their – they’re,  to – too – two, etc.)


·        Critical Thinking Website

Review this website to gain a better perspective and understanding of how to enhance your critical thinking mastery.


·        Comparison of Fereral Laws (ADA, IDEA, 504)

     This website provides an overview of legislation affecting students  

       with disabilities.  Students seeking Special Education certification are 

       strongly advised to review this site regularly.


·        100 Plus  Terms, Concepts, Theories to Review for PRAXIS

      Please visit this site every day!  Make sure you review the five      

      Teaching of Reading Strategies.














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